Portering and Postal Services

The portering service across all sites includes:

• Movement of patients on either on a bed or wheelchair between wards and departments
• Collection and delivery of various items including pharmacy products to wards/departments
• Medical records
• Medical equipment
• Blood products
• Sterile equipment
• Medical gas
• Respond to all emergency calls; fire, medical emergency, e.g. cardiac arrests
• Removal of clinical and domestic waste and furniture removal/disposal
• Collection and delivery of post from all wards/departments
• Dump The Junk – dedicated waste removal weeks

Portering tasks can now be logged on the CARPS system via desktop icon.    CARPS Link

Solihull Hospital
Useful Numbers/contacts:

Housekeeping & Portering Manager:
Susan McAlister
Email Susan McAlister

T: 45452
M: 07972188808
Supervisor: 44441

Good Hope Hospital
Useful Numbers/contacts

Portering Manager:
Sarah Farmer
Email Sarah Farmer
T: 47167 M: 07890526868

Portering Chargehands: 47770
Bleep: 8876
Helpdesk: 47411

Heartlands Hospital
Useful Numbers/contacts

Portering Manager:

Steve Henshall

Email Steve Henshall

T: 40582
M: 07890 526 839

Portering Helpdesk: 40354

There are post rooms at Good Hope Hospital and Heartlands Hospital where post is franked ready for collection by Royal Mail each day.
All post is sent 2nd class unless an emergency. For post queries, please contact:

Heartlands Hospital
Post Room T: 41211

Assistant Contract Support Manager
Cat Llewellyn
Email Cat Llewellyn
T: 0121 424 0027

Good Hope Hospital

Portering Manager
Sarah Farmer
Email Sarah Farmer
T: 0121 424 7167