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Linen, Laundry & Curtain Services

The linen service function is a total service management contract delivered by a commercial contractor on a linen hire basis which means the contractor owns the stock and is responsible for ensuring that the Trust is supplied with the required number of pieces and replacing any lost or damaged linen items.

The services include the delivery of clean linen to all wards and departments, usually on a daily basis and collection of soiled (except at Solihull, this function is undertaken by the Portering team). Linen is then collected from each site and processed at one of Elis’s plants.


Linen Room Supervisor, Heartlands Hospital
Tel 45260, Bleep 2379/3166

Linen Room Supervisor, Good Hope Hospital
Tel 012142 49027 Bleep 8110

Linen Room Supervisor, Solihull Hospital
Tel 012142 42000 Bleep 6068

Berendsen Contact Mananger
Kasia Dziuk
Tel: 012142 42560
M: 07500 332 549
Email Kasia Dziuk


Cat Llewellyn

Assistant Facilities Contract Manager
Tel: 012142 40027
M: 07890 526834
Email Cat Llewellyn