Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping services is responsible for cleaning all wards, clinical areas, departments, offices and public areas across the Trust. Housekeeping Assistants are responsible for the cleaning of all floors, walls (to shoulder height), toilets, showers/baths, fixture and fittings. Items that are connected to a patient or are a medical device are the responsibility of Nursing or Healthcare staff to clean. Cleaning services are delivered in each ward or department in line with a work schedule which details the frequency of each element which needs to be cleaned.

Cleaning of ceilings, ventilation grills and light fittings are the responsibility of the Estates Department.

Housekeeping Assistants (except Good Hope food whereby separate Hostess team provide this function) are also responsible for receipt of the patient food at ward level and for re-heating and serving the food, which also includes other catering duties such as serving of beverages.

External window cleaning services are delivered externally by a Trust appointed contractor.

Solihull Hospital
Useful Numbers/contacts:

Housekeeping & Portering Manager:
Susan McAlister
Email Susan McAlister

T: 45452
M: 07972188808
Supervisor: 44441

Housekeeping Manager:
Sandria Brown
Email Sandria Brown
T: 47024
M: 07527940908

Elaine Dyke, Housekeeping Co-ordinator: 49862
Bleep: From 7.00 am to

9.00 pm: 8101
Bleep: From 9.00 pm to

7.00 am: 8410

Heartlands Hospital
Useful Numbers/contacts

Housekeeping Manager:
Steve Johnstone
Email Steve Johnstone

Tel: 40454
M: 07464910387

Jade Harold

Housekeeping Co-Ordinator

Email Jade Harold

Tel:  40454

Housekeeping Supervisors Office

Tel: 42111