Fire Safety Team Services

The role of the Fire Safety Team is to facilitate the Trusts compliance with its Legal and Quasi Legal obligations, namely the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (2005) and the Department of Health’s guidance document ‘Fire Code’ – Health Technical Memorandum 05-01/02/03.

In order to achieve this, the Fire Safety Team:

  • Undertake Fire Risk Assessments of all clinical and non clinical areas.
  • Ensure the provision of appropriate Fire Safety controls and precautions
  • Monitor the adherence to Fire Safety controls and precautions
  • Deliver mandatory Fire Safety Training
  • Deliver bespoke training sessions for Fire Wardens, Evacuation Equipment, Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Liaise with the Fire Service and other relevant Authorities
  • Advise Trust committees on fire safety related matters
  • Provide advice and guidance to key stakeholders on building structure and fabric, services, alterations and maintenance